Farmer's Mobile Claim Center Bus- Disaster Help on Site

Now that all the fires have settled in California, Farmer's Disaster Van was available at the Farmers Agent Conference in Reno last week. I was able to find out exactly what it provides for our clients.  Ed Merten is, not only a kind caring agent, he is the expert and organizer for the bus and he was able to bring me through all the well thought out details.. from the massive generator, to the satellite and conference room, that contains plenty of tissues and is available as a quiet space. The bus also has various work stations including phones and wifi. .There is also an outdoor cooking station and refrigeration to feed all those in need, not just Farmer's clients, as well as an outdoor large screen television so that all may follow the news. 

In fact all aspects of the bus are available to all involved in the disaster. The difference between the folks, is that those with Farmers coverage will walk away, not only with a full belly and a charged phone and the latest update on the area, but a big fat check- helping to make their tragedy one step closer to recovery.     

Breezy's First Policy

Both my "children" are off to college in September.  Breezy has been gone all summer on an archeological dig through UC Davis, when she returns she will be moving into her first apartment and purchasing her first insurance package as a renter.

Renters is the perfect policy to start with as a young adult. The policy is about $10/month and it will protect her from damage other units may have caused that spread into her unit and destroy her belongings (e.g. smoke/fire), it will replace her belongings (do you know how much her clothes and books and computer, etc. are worth? Too much to replace on a college budget, for sure), it will cover her from theft and various other liabilities- up to $300,000.

Most of all, I know she will have that much more protection as she moves forward in life growing into an amazing adult- and one less aspect for me to be concerned about. One more caring hug, around her, if you will. 


Daughter's Creativity

My daughter attends UC Davis and I love that she continues to thrive through her creativity (she made the above piece in sculpting class) in conjunction with her academic courses. Creativity will allow her to excel in an ever changing world.

Our insurance coverage assures that she can continue on her education journey, even in a worst case scenario- we would be financially supported by Farmers to maintain the lifestyle we have strived years to obtain. Farmers is there for my family and it is why I can, with confidence, provide a service every day to families and individuals that can support them on their path towards a better life. 



Sacramento Dog Show

Hey everyone.  We are going be at the Sacramento Dog Show at the Cal Expo on April 9th - April 12th.  This is going to be a great event and full of fun furry friends.  

I will be there to share all the great up comings and facts on Farmers Pet Insurance.