Integrity, honesty, and knowledge drive our client-focused agency, and we handle most, or all, of our client’s insurance as well as act as their insurance advisor. We find that most people are buying the wrong insurance by over spending where coverage is least needed, and under spending where coverage is most needed. Could this be you?

Our mission is to safeguard our clients from financial ruin by developing an insurance buying strategy tailored to their individual needs, assuring that they are properly protected – especially in the event of a worst-case scenario. We prefer to do this through a face to face meeting to diagnose their exposure to the four financial perils – Property Insurance, Medical Insurance, Lawsuit Exposure, and Loss of Income – at their home, office, or other location at their convenience.

Call today so we can get started on protecting you, your family, your home, your business, and everything you work so hard for. Let’s do this together!


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