Debra (Akeson) Tuoto License # 0K02193

Debra (Akeson) Tuoto License # 0K02193

Integrity, honesty, and knowledge drive our client-focused agency, and we handle most, or all, of our client’s insurance as well as act as their insurance advisor. We find that most people are buying the wrong insurance by over spending where coverage is least needed, and under spending where coverage is most needed. Could this be you?

Our mission is to safeguard you from financial ruin by developing an insurance buying strategy tailored to your individual needs, assuring that you are properly protected – especially in the event of a worst-case scenario. We prefer to do this through a face to face meeting, to get to know you and find out exactly what we are protecting. Only then can we properly diagnose your exposure to the four financial perils – Property Insurance, Medical Insurance, Lawsuit Exposure, and Loss of Income.

We also specialize in health care coverage in an ever changing reality of the systems before us, we continue to learn so that we can offer you the right coverage for you, your family and/or your business. 

Call us and let's protect all that you have worked for and are creating towards the future. 


               Protect Your Vehicles

Where am I?

The(Akeson) Tuoto Agency is now partnered with...(drumroll)

The Stacey Knuedeler Insurance Agency!

A team of powerful knowledgable women, who have been with Farmers Insurance for over 20 years, and both whose fathers owned agencies before them. Stacey has passion and professionalism for her family and community centered agency.  She wants the best for each and every client. That's perfect. 

154 Hughes Rd., Ste 1, Grass Valley, CA 95945

             Protect Your Family

When ?

Normal business hours Monday - Friday in Grass Valley and by special appointment. 

If you live near Grass Valley, come on by and meet me at the office, it's a beautiful location.

I work throughout our glorious state of California, so I can also meet you at your home or business. 

            Protect Your Home & Business

How to CONTACT me?

Office: (530) 273-1587

Cell: (916) 300-9927

Fax: (530) 273-5719


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